POFC Castles Screensaver 1.3


This medieval castle screensaver features a selection of the best photographs of ancient castles from Pictures of Castles. The screensaver randomly shows 50 medieval castle photographs, creating a unique screensaver every time it runs. The caste photographs cover all four seasons and all types of weather; from castles in the myst, to castles with impressive clouds over them or covered by snow. The screensaver is ready to go without needing further setup after installation. It however offers you to opportunity to adjust most settings to your liking if you desire. You can adjust the time each castle photograph is shown. The castle screensaver features a clock which can show either the current time or the screensaver runnig time. The name of the castle photograph is shown in the top left hand corner - of course you can choose whether the photograph name should be displayed.
Navigate pictures:
Left arrow : Previous picture
Right arrow : Next picture

Numpad 1 : Show picture name

Numpad . : Make picture name smaller
Numpad 0 : Make picture name bigger

Numpad 5 : Change clock
/ (Numpad) : Make clock smaller

* (Numpad) : Make clock bigger

For more information and additional screenshots please see the Castle Screensaver page at pictures-of-castles.co.uk.

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